7 Days Challenge to Have Completely Free Weekends

Hi there!  Long time no see! I know, I got lost again.   Unfortunately, a lot of thigs have happened this past year, and it has been impossible to dedicate any time to the blog.   Since I won’t be able to deliver all the tips biweekly as promised, I’m removing the sign-up form and posting here my free “7 Days Challenge to Have Completely Free Weekends” as…

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– Joshua Glenn Clark

Don’t wait and enjoy life! Right here, right NOW!


Lost in the right direction

While remodeling Weekendlust and making all these plans to help you free up your weekends, I figured that being lost for a “year or so” doesn’t give me much credibility.  In other words, I feel I owe you an explanation on what I’ve been doing. The things that saving time and money helped me to…

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Experiential Birthday: What’s a good gift?

“We turn not older with years but newer every day.” -Emily Dickinson The Friday of my birthday weekend I didn’t need the alarm. I woke up earlier than usual, with no laziness. I was positive that I would enjoy to the fullest my 1st experiential birthday. You see, I started it like this because I believe…

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Like a January in any given July day

Like a January in any given July day. Meaning a new beginning. A weeks ago, I received this E-mail from WordPress letting me know that it’s about time to renew Weekendlust.com. Where I barely write, yet has helped me so much! I may have not published all the things I’ve done since the day a first bought this domain name, but I…

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“Make each day your masterpiece.”

-John Wooden