“We turn not older with years but newer every day.”

-Emily Dickinson

The Friday of my birthday weekend I didn’t need the alarm. I woke up earlier than usual, with no laziness. I was positive that I would enjoy to the fullest my 1st experiential birthday.

You see, I started it like this because I believe that a positive attitude brings a positive outcome, and only good things followed after this.

Getting up so early, I decided to color on my stress relief coloring book, where I found the opening quote for this blog post.

A good and relaxing first thing to do, but too much fun to let go, lol. I still got out of the house late to go to work.

My mood could have been ruined by this, but positivism is such a powerful thing, that I didn’t hit one single red light on my commute! I got to work in record time without rush, and still got to enjoy my morning the way I wanted to.

If a morning like this one is not a awesome gift, I don’t now what a good gift is anymore.

Or do I?

It’s hard to tell when gifts and the definition of a good birthday is so different to each person.

To me, for instance, there was a time when tangible gifts or objects would define a good birthday.

Not anymore.

When you get rid of around 60% of everything you had, and still feel you have too much, does getting the stuff back makes any sense? I don’t think so.

That’s why I made it clear to family and friends that I did not want tangible gifts, I wanted experiences instead.

And it didn’t have to be nothing fancy. With inviting me over to cook for me, prepare a special drink or take me to the movies, I would be more than happy.

Aren’t you curious of how a experiential birthday looks like? I think you should try it.

Watch this video so you have and idea how is like. Go ahead and see all my wonderful gifts!

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