Like a January in any given July day. Meaning a new beginning.


A weeks ago, I received this E-mail from WordPress letting me know that it’s about time to renew

Where I barely write, yet has helped me so much!

I may have not published all the things I’ve done since the day a first bought this domain name, but I have accomplished so many things on it’s honor.

I just plan for it (or not) and go for it! With having fun and getting to have a new experience, for me it’s enough.

However, I want to keep record of what I do and how it was, so in the future I have my memories all in one place. And to inspire others, if possible.

So no Weekendlust, your renewal wont be stopped!

Instead, I’m cutting some time consuming things that are keeping me from writing.

  1. Translating to Spanish.
  2. Asking somebody to review the post before I post it.

As much as I want to honor my Spanish roots, English is the Lingua Franca, which help me reach more people. Between the two, English is more convenient.

On the other hand, I’m doing this as a hobby, my writing doesn’t have to be perfect. I have studied enough and I should trust myself more.

I also gave Weekendlust a new look ♥ I hope you like the new cover.

Belonging to the unknown,

Rosely Rodriguez 

P.S. – The title was inspired on the song “Volver a comenzar“, written and perform by Carolina Solís.

P.P.S. – She is Dominican ☺

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